The Suited Penguins collective builds brands and experiences suited for their audience.

Penguins... doing what?

A lot actually, from logo design to complex SaaS applications, we got you covered. We consist out of a wide variety of designers and developers, each with their own skills and talents, eager to work on your business or project.

Branding & strategy

Your branding is your brands' suit, our experts will make sure it fits well.

UX/UI design

We create experiences and interfaces which make users fall in love with your product or service. As webdesign doesn't quite fit the whole plate, a suited user experience turn your website or SaaS project into a long awaited solution.


Automating business flows, or just looking for that super slick website for your start-up or company? Need help developing your SaaS application? Working together with top notch developers allows us a variety of technological pathways for your project, depending on it's needs and budget.

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